Lithops Care Sheet:


Plant Lithops in a fast draining cactus soil mix. Our mix contains about 50% pumice.

Lithops in cultivation should be given a dry rest in winter when the new growth is drawing moisture from the old leaves. At this time give very light watering, just enough to keep the root hairs alive (you want water to go ¼” to ½” deep into the soil). As the old leaves dry up in the spring, water is given (you want the root ball to be moist but not soaking wet) until the long, hot summer days bring the growing period to a standstill. During this time only regular light watering (1/4” to ½” deep) is required to prevent the plants from shriveling and soil from going bone dry. As flower buds appear in late summer and fall, another watering period begins, tapering off after flowering for the winter. Those growing plants under lights will probably need to water some during the winter when the plants show signs of shriveling.